We offer a range of treatments that are personalised to your skin condition and needs. Our mission is to provide safe, precise and professional service and we aim to ensure all our clients look and feel their very best.


Initial consultations are essential inorder to assess your needs and devise a personalised treatment plan for our clients. All our injectable procedures are carried out by Dr Megan Jones.

Price of Consultation – R450


Botox works buy blocking the nerve receptors that innervate the muscle injected, thereby preventing the muscle contraction. This stops the ability of the muscle to receive signals to contract. This allows the smoothing of the overlying skin which in turn causes wrinkles to smooth out and prevent the wrinkle from deepening.

The effect is seen 1-2 weeks after the injections and will usually last three to six months. As muscle action gradually returns, the lines and wrinkles begin to reappear and need to be treated again. The lines and wrinkles often appear less severe with repeated treatments.

Areas which can be treated:
Forehead lines
Frown lines (glabellar lines)
Crows feet
Bunny lines
Marionette lines
Mentalis dysfunction (chin dimpling)
Gummy smiles

Price of Botox Per Unit – R75

Dermal fillers

Hyaluronic acid is a substance occurring naturally in the human body,
Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (HA) improve skin quality both by improving hydration and stimulating new collagen production. They can be used to reduce lines and wrinkles as well as prevent sagging and restore volume and to an aging face.

What are typical areas treated with Dermal Fillers?
Nasolabial folds (The creases which run from the nose to the corner of the mouth.)
Perioral area (wrinkles around the lips) and chin
Marionette lines (the creases which run from the mouth corners down along the chin)
Hollow under-eye circles or “Tear troughs”
Lip Augmentation
Jaw line sculpting

Prices for Dermal Fillers vary depending upon the type and amount of filler used and start at R3000 per 1ml syringe.

Ceccarelli Fat Lipolysis

What are Ceccarelli Fat Loss Injections/Lipolysis?

Lipolysis is an innovative, gentle and nonsurgical method which helps reduce the accumulation of STUBBORN FAT deposits in targeted regions of the body.

It is a mesotherapy solution formulated by an Italian Professor Maurizio Ceccarelli which contains vitamin C and minute amount of iron. The vitamin C (ascorbic acid) in higher doses works as a pro-oxidant; when mixed with iron and injected into the fat tissue it initiates the Fenton reaction leading to generation of hydroxyl type radicals. These radicals trigger natural death of fat cells by a physiological process called apoptosis.


The solution is injected into localised fatty deposits in a grid like pattern. The number of sessions required depends on the amount of resistant fat that needs to be dissolved. In most cases, one treatment is succinct, but for a moderate amount of fat usually 2 to 3 treatments are needed. Treatments can be repeated every 2 to 4 weeks over a 6 to 8 week period.

Treatment Areas

Fatty jawline
Eye bags
Naso-labial bulges
Double chin

Resistant tummy fat
Love handles
Inner thighs
Saddle bags
Bra bulges
Bat wings


How long until  see results?

Slow and gradual improvement can be seen after 3 weeks, the maximum results are seen after 8 weeks.

How safe is it?

Are there any side effects and contraindications?

The procedure is considered to be safe, it uses vitamin C and iron and once injected into the body triggers a naturally occurring physiological process called apoptosis (natural cells death).

The contraindications to Ceccarelli lipolysis include allergy to ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and/or to iron, bleeding disorders, using anticoagulants, dyslipidemia, pregnancy, breast breastfeeding, diabetes mellitus, compromised immune system including AIDS, stroke, recent cancer, blood clots, liver disease, serious kidney disease, active skin infection – bacterial or viral as well as known allergy to any ingredient used during mesotherapy procedure.

Possible risks and side effects include but not limited to: bruising, bleeding, swelling, discomfort, pain, burning sensations, skin discoloration, blisters, ulceration, lumpiness, hardness of the treated area, nodule formation at the injection sites as well as infection, allergic reactions, dizziness and nausea. Most of these side effects are temporary.

Prices for Ceccarelli lipolysis are R430 per 10ml for body    –    R800 per 10ml for face



SKINBOOSTERS can help to gradually improve your skin’s condition, increasing elasticity, and reducing fine lines and imperfections to achieve a refreshed youthful look. You will feel the difference in your skin

After a few treatments, as advised by your doctor you’ll find that your skin will become smoother, more radiant, and more elastic. The skin of your face, hands, neck and décolletage can be improved. The results can make a world of difference to the way you feel about your skin.

Injections are typically administered over the course of 2-3 treatment sessions, 2–4 weeks apart, to restore your skin’s elasticity and smoothness in a gradual way
Regular maintenance sessions (approximately every 6 months) occur as planned with your doctor, ensuring lasting results

Treatment areas
Skinboosters are versatile and effective solution for skin concerns in the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Prices for Skinboosters are R3200 per 1ml syringe


SkinCeuticals® Pigment Balancing Peel

SkinCeuticals® Pigment Balancing Peel

A SkinCeuticals skincare professional has access to exclusive treatment products that can be used to customize any facial treatment. Available through authorized SkinCeuticals skincare professionals, these targeted solutions complement SkinCeuticals professional peels and in-office procedures to optimize the health and beauty of skin.
  • Enhances the benefits of a SkinCeuticals homecare regimen and any in-office chemical peel
  • Tightens and detoxifies the look and feel of skin
  • Restores the appearance of firmness and a youthful radiant complexion


Prices at R800 per treatment


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